About Abandoned Business Club

As a lifelong American, I have always been surrounded by small businesses. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are from the local hardware store, video store, and ice cream stand. All three of those stores was the only one, typically with the business owners being there any time I was there. I recently wondered what ever came of those shops. What came of the owners? Why did they close? Ultimately, I thought about the local store that sponsored by Travelling Baseball team. They had just built themselves a really nice, large store for themselves but five years later, had shut the doors.

After nearly wearing myself out trying to recall different details to search out across the internet, I found absolutely zero mentions of any of those four businesses on the internet. I called my Mom to ask what she remembers, and she had all kinds of information. I immediately thought, “I should share that with the internet…” figuring there may be a day when someone else is curious about the same thing.  

Given that what I have to share doesn’t meet Wikipedia’s guidelines, I searched far and wide for an appropriate forum. After some time, it occurred to me that I should build such a forum. Thankfully, WikiPedia is open source so I was able to build a wiki site for businesses that have closed! Currently, it only supports English and is for businesses that existed in the United States, but I am open to expanding if there is any real interest.  

With that, I will guide you to the current iteration of the Abandoned Business Club Wiki by telling you to click here

Thanks for your time. I hope you’ll enjoy!  


Rob G.