Everything There Is To Know About ABC

Abandoned Business Club is not a proper, real club. It is simply a website intended to serve as a destination where users can find and share information about businesses that no longer exist. Inspiration came from another project I’m working on right now, trying to digitize some family information so that it can be found on the internet. Not only have both of my parents owned businesses that are now shut, but my great grandparents also had a couple of businesses. Given my inability to find information about those businesses online, I realized that if anyone was going to publish anything to the internet it was going to have to be me. 


So, I bought the domains and am now building out the site out of pocket because I believe in this idea. My primary business is RivallessGarb.com, which is where I have established the ABC Store. I’m committed to spending any profits from the ABC Store to continue supporting Abandoned Business Club and ensure that it sticks around.